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We improve the quality and speed of digital QA

SpotQA is a group of QA and Testing experts based in London, Portugal and India.

Consulting on QA and
Testing strategy

Providing proprietary solutions
to speed up the QA process

Executing end-to-end
QA and Testing

Our Clients

Here are a few of the amazing clients we work with

Virtuoso – The next generation of automation

Virtuoso is an Application Testing and Intelligence platform for web/mobile browser applications that uses the core technologies of Robotic Process Automation, Natural Language Processing and Machine Learning to create features and plugins that:

  • Reduce manual testing times drastically;
  • Gives deep application intelligence that can be utilised by testing and development teams to create higher quality applications;
  • Allows non-technical users to get involved in testing and test automation.

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Virtuoso – The next
generation of automation

Testing bots crawl applications, create functional tests, and execute them at speed. Virtuoso will halve the effort of how test automation is being done today.

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QA Consulting
Achieving [email protected]

We advise organisations on how they can test earlier and faster, where to prioritise automation over manual work, and how to improve quality to deliver consistent, predictable and efficient QA.

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Smart Automation
Earlier, Better, More Strategic

Test Automation is perilous: Wrong tools, brittle scripts, heavy script maintenance overheads and low overall test coverage. The SpotQA experts bring together the best practices and lead your implementation.

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End-to-End Testing
The Complete Test Solution

We cover all phases of QA, from test strategy and process design; smart analytics to anticipate defects; managing the entire project; to the execution of the very last manual test of your application

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