We focus on helping our clients manage the impact and maximize the opportunities associated with becoming a digital business.


We focus on helping our clients manage the impact and maximise the opportunities associated with becoming a digital business.

The growth of the digital marketplace has led to a fundamental shift in how QA is perceived and adopted. QA is no longer just a necessary backend function or technical project activity. QA is about external results and driving business value. We are excited by the opportunity that helping our clients become more innovative and agile presents.

We are experts in delivering high quality digital experiences.
We are QA consultants, innovators and engineers with a real passion for seamless digital experiences. We are experts in QA and Testing.

We are SpotQA.

We assess your current QA approach. We measure the effectiveness of your testing. We create the plan to deliver improvement to the speed and quality of your testing.

Leveraging SAFE we design your blueprint for achieving continuous digital quality. Whether fully agile or fast waterfall, our team of senior QA consultants will design a digital QA strategy that helps you win, serve and retain customers.

We understand that QA is about external results, like creating a market-leading customer experience or increasing the speed to innovation. We will design a QA strategy which enables the success of your digital business. Our hand-picked team of QA consultants brings deep process knowledge, technical expertise and thought leadership to shape your QA practices going forward.

Blending best practice with the latest digital innovations, we shape:

  • QA strategies which assure your digital processes end-to-end to meet both your business and IT objectives;
  • Automated QA solutions that enable continuous delivery and a successful transition to DevOps;
  • Smart analytics to measure the health of your digital assets (both under construction and in live) and your readiness to release;
  • An implementation plan for QA transformation where we assess, define and design the roadmap to digital QA maturity;

We implement the strategy for continuous digital quality. We mobilise the right mix of skills enabled with intelligent solutions. We deliver consistent value through our flexible engagement models and scalable offerings.

SpotQA’s Applied Technology team build QA solutions which integrate the latest thinking with robust processes to produce continuous automation and a high quality, rapid release capability.

Smart Automation
Maestro is SpotQA’s next generation, capability driven test automation platform. A single platform to automate end-2-end digital testing and execute tests in parallel across the web and mobile. Maestro advances the coverage and speed of test automation, helping customers test smarter and deploy faster.

Non Functional QA as a Service
We work with customers to design and deliver the right mix of non functional QA to assure their digital applications are both performant and secure. We deliver this in a cost effective as a service mode as part of your in sprint QA or continuous delivery process or as a standalone offering based upon your applications specific need.

Digital QA as a Service
We implement the strategy, skills, tools and infrastructure to deliver end-to-end QA expertise through an easy to consume, pay as you go pricing model. We share risk through jointly agreed SLA’s and KPI’s and provide continuous visibility into our progress and performance via smart dashboards to ensure you receive the output and customer experience you strive for.

We analyse your data to predict and prevent risks to the quality of software delivery. We continually improve your process and digital test maturity. We advance the adoption smart ShiftLeft practices to produce outstanding results.

SpotQA’s Kapture is an intelligent, self learning analytics and reporting framework which enables businesses to uncover, predict and prevent risks to software quality by processing data from different sources in the software development lifecycle.

How does Kapture help to optimise your QA organisation?

  • Improve test efficiency and control your costs
    Identify risks to software quality pre-development and implement the skills and measures to manage those risks;
  • Predict defects and prevent poor quality software being released
    Through deep learning of historical and current data, we build heat maps to predict defects and identify vulnerable areas before they occur;
  • Focus testing and reduce your time to market
    Through intelligently analysing the data gathered from various data sources, we prioritise what needs to be tested instead of testing everything;
  • Understand the health of your critical systems at any given time
    We provide stakeholders with a 360 degree view of the health of an application, project or release. Live dashboards show testing progress on demand;