Why there needs to be a SpotQA


Why there needs to be a SpotQA

An asymmetric arms race has gripped IT development

In the last few years, the growth of the digital economy has driven businesses to develop more digital products, more often, across more platforms. Development and release processes have also been evolving fast. The influx of APIs, ever wider adoption of Agile Development, Continuous Delivery, Cloud Services, Release Automation – all of these innovations have led to more sophisticated and connected digital products.

Everybody wins

Joining the arms race in digital development is a competitive advantage for businesses and a boon for customers. End users now expect high quality and seamless digital experiences across Desktop, Mobile, Tablet and other Connected Devices. They are loyal to products and companies who provide them and walk away from those who don’t.

But there is a downside

In terms of innovation, the development side of the IT value chain has outpaced Quality Assurance and Testing (QA) which remains repetitive, time consuming, and largely manual – even Automation requires engineers to write and maintain scripts by hand. This shows in the relative cost: by 2018, QA cost will have risen to 40% of overall IT budgets, up from 33% in 2015. (source: Computer Weekly)

Some incremental improvements did occur: New tools and integrated agile development processes have helped speed up some aspects of QA. The big disruption, however, has remained elusive. Inefficient test automation and manual QA constrain the frequency of software releases. They create a bottleneck that stifles speed and innovation.

We decided to radically innovate

We bring new technology into QA and Testing which addresses both current and future challenges. To make machines smarter so they can assist investigative test teams to better ensure the quality of digital products. And to take automation beyond simply executing tests and use it to improve the speed and accuracy of the entire testing lifecycle.

This is why we started SpotQA: To shape the future of digital QA.

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