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Organisations are increasingly using digital technologies to generate new revenue, value, markets and customers. And so are we. Our Innovation Lab based in Lisbon is a team of technologists exploring new trends, emerging tech, architectures and platforms to create new solutions for the QA market. We tackle innovation challenges the market is not yet mature enough to meet. We are developing solutions built around cognitive automation, artificial intelligence, machine learning and predictive analytics to create intelligent and efficient QA products. We allow our customers to experiment ‘risk free’, leveraging our R&D and implementing proven solutions which help you achieve improved business results.

This is a 90 min workshop lead by one of our Senior QA Consultants. By using our SAFE methodology (ShiftLeft Assessment Framework and Enabler), the workshop will focus on your business objectives, key digital initiatives, current QA strategy, test approach, methods and operating model. We will map your current QA situation with your desired future state and create the implementation plan to reach your goals. We will outline the opportunities to improve the quality, speed and efficiency of your testing. This free-flowing and interactive discussion between your team and our experts will help us understand your challenges. No charge, no obligations.

SpotQA Digital QA Lab is a hybrid facility based at our Indian delivery centre in Hyderabad. Integrating our cloud platform and physical infrastructure we have created a state of the art test lab catering for the entire spectrum of digital QA. We deliver testing across all platforms and devices supported by access to hardware, software and tools required to deliver all types of functional and nonfunctional testing services. Our cloud platform gives us scale and agility to replicate your environments and build a customised lab for your scope and needs.

We have a passionate and talented team of certified QA experts spread across our delivery hubs in London (UK), Pune and Hyderabad, (India) and Lisbon, (Portugal). Our team is methodology, tool and technology agnostic as we tailor our offerings and solutions to meet your business objectives and qualitative goals. We only recruit customer-focused QAs who are passionate about digital and, with most of our team coming from a programming background, we are best placed to deliver your technical QA requirements. We have industry leading skills in QA consultancy, advanced test automation, integration testing and performance and security testing. Here are some more reasons to work with us.
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