Doing highly efficient QA and Testing turns out to be really complicated

For most companies, QA is a bottleneck that slows down the release of software. Compromising on it means risking faulty products.

Thankfully, there are best practices

We advise you on the optimal testing setup for your individual needs and to achieve consistent, predictable and efficient QA. We use your business objectives, digital strategy and key initiatives, and your core processes as the foundation to Q@S. We analyse your current development and delivery processes, your use of tools, available QA skillsets and map these against the current output and results of your testing.

With our digital advisory methodology Quality@Speed, you receive

  • A 360 degree assessment of your current practices, highlighting weak areas;
  • A QA strategy proposal;
  • A list of specific recommendations;
  • A detailed implementation plan.

The final output of Q@S can come in two forms:

Either we create a custom-made QA Strategy for your organisation, which will guide your future decision making in all things QA;
Or we provide a set of detailed recommendations based on your existing strategy, and provide a roadmap for transitioning from your current suboptimal QA practices.

Naturally, both of these can be combined.

The SpotQA Quality@Speed Methodology

Sometimes though, merely Consulting is not enough and you will want a more hands-on approach, especially when it
comes to Automation.

Automate Early. Automate Smarter. Automate-As-You-Go

Automation is meant to widen the bottleneck. Test Automation has become integral to every organisation striving to scale their releases – do more in less time.

The risk in adopting automation lies in choosing the wrong strategies, methods, and tools.

You can end up with brittle scripts, a heavy script maintenance overhead, fragmented reporting and disappointing overall test coverage. Inefficiencies impact competitiveness:

  • Engineers must design and write automation scripts manually – a slow and error prone process;
  • Digital applications change regularly, which can make script maintenance a nightmare;
  • It takes a lot of effort to make tools in the market fit your needs;
  • Many freely available open source tools are outdated and incompatible with testing modern web and mobile applications;
  • The more mature and feature-rich commercial tools are very expensive.

Our Smart Test Automation services and products aim to solve these challenges and boost speed, agility and reduce time to market.

Introducing Maestro:
A Constantly Evolving Test
Automation Platform

Automate Sooner; Automate Smarter; Automate-As-You-Go
Automation is meant to remove the bottleneck. Test Automation has become integral to every organisation striving to scale their releases – to do more in less time.

The trouble is, to achieve effective automation, you typically need to assemble a number of different tools to suit different technologies, different parts of your application and different tasks and testing steps to be done.

To achieve effective automation, you need to assemble a number of different tools to suit different technologies, different parts of your application and different tasks and testing steps to be executed. Tools sometimes don’t play well together and each tool often needs its own supporting framework to work around its limitations. This can require additional development effort which can be tough to manage with a lean team that are already fighting to deliver the scope of each release.

That’s why we built Maestro, our digital test automation platform.

Maestro is our service enabler that helps our expert team to deliver automation at scale. It’s not your typical plug and play QA solution.

Maestro harnesses a combination of tools and frameworks to automate the User Interface, Functional, API and Mobile testing in a single platform.

We can automate end-to-end user journeys using single scripts and execute tests in parallel across your chosen browsers and devices.

What’s more – Maestro includes a library of pre-built automation functions so you can avoid having to write everything from scratch. This boosts both speed and Automation ROI.

Asset 12

Maestro at a glance

  • Maestro enables end-to-end automated digital testing with a single script;
  • UI, Functional, API, Mobile Test capabilities in a single platform;
  • Tests are executed in parallel across selected OS, browsers, physical devices and emulators;
  • Execution can be scheduled to run unattended for regression suites or risk based scripts;
  • Smart Test Accelerators for mobile, web and API testing;
  • Promotes Automate-As-You-Go for in sprint testing;
  • Integrates with leading toolsets for defect management, continuous integration and deployment
  • Small and lean tests to lower maintenance;
  • Loose coupling of tests, objects and data to improve efficiency;
  • Single consolidated reports for end-to-end parallel automation;

And if you choose to hand over all your Testing worries to the experts, we have the solution!

Hand it over and forget your QA & Testing worries

We offer end-to-end digital testing services incorporating all phases of QA and types of testing to deliver a best in class solution. We tailor the mix of services, test tools and deliverables to the needs of your project, application or release.

The core principles of our testing services are:

  • We take a Quality First approach in both strategy and execution;
  • We use smart analytics and requirement & design ambiguity testing to predict and prevent defects at the design phase;
  • We accelerate and optimise testing through our Smart Automation platform, Maestro;
  • We work to KPIs and commit to clear outputs and deliverables.

Higher quality, faster time to market, lower cost

Our team and services are tool and test methodology agnostic and test across web and native apps

    • Requirements & User Story Testing;
    • In-Sprint Feature / System Testing;
    • Integration Testing;
    • Regression Testing;
    • Operational Acceptance Testing;
    • User Acceptance Test Coordination;
    • User Interface Testing;
    • Functional Testing.
    • Cross Platform Compatibility Testing;
    • Localisation Testing;
    • API Testing;
    • Performance Testing;
    • Security Testing;
    • Database Testing;
    • Data Migration Testing;
    • Business Process Testing.
  • What are the technologies that drive and enable SpotQA’s services?

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