We believe that Quality Assistance should be quick, easy and accessible to everyone.

Our in-house commitment to personal development and growth means that you’ll always be able to call on cutting-edge technology accompanied by the latest expertise.

Our ambition is to transform the way the world tests software

SpotQA was founded by people who wanted to solve the big testing challenges presented by the rise of dynamic apps on web and mobile web. We want to help our customers move away from inefficient manual & traditional automation processes by developing Intelligent Quality Assistance as an alternative to old fashioned QA.

Our Culture

Everything we do at SpotQA is based on a culture of innovation, experimentation, collaboration and personal development. We believe in testing ourselves as much as our software and our goal is always to make a small improvement every day.

Our Creations

Our company culture provided us with the ideal environment to create Virtuoso, a Quality Assistance platform that we believe will revolutionise testing. Virtuoso is the clearest distillation of the SpotQA ethos - that testing should be faster, smarter, continuous and accessible.

SpotQA Values

Working at SpotQA is about more than innovation and excitement. It’s important to us that our working environment should be a welcoming and enjoyable space for everyone. We have four simple rules that we live by:

Be Transparent - We are an open and communicative company. No politics, no bullshit.

Be Grounded - Respect everyone, see the positive, listen, learn and be human.

Be Brave & Play Big - Don’t limit ambition. Be curious, embrace innovation and try new things.

Focus on the solution - See problems as opportunities instead of obstacles. Problems give us the chance to innovate, create, and achieve something remarkable.

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What’s it like to work at SpotQA?

We’re always looking to hire the brightest, the boldest and the best and we believe that open communication, flat organization and cross-company collaboration encourages all of us to realise our full potential.

Our people are our most valuable asset and we make sure they have every opportunity for professional development through training and personal growth. At SpotQA you can develop in ways that will shape the rest of your career by attending events, writing blogs, and working on side projects.

The SpotQA Mission

Our mission is to dramatically improve the quality of the world’s software by creating the most advanced and intelligent autonomous testing technologies. We created Virtuoso to embody our values and realise our mission statement. It evolves and improves with every passing day as we work towards the autonomous future.

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