Release visually perfect apps

As a leading brand, your goal is to release faultless and flawless software to your customers as quickly as possible. Rapid changes made to functionality and the UI create a need for continuous testing.


As release windows shorten and the number of platforms increase this creates an unmanageable challenge for manual test teams. The result can be partially tested software going out, poor user experience and reputational or financial impact to your brand.

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Built to make a difference

We have designed a software enabled service to deliver fully automated user interface and experience testing.


Our solution allows our expert automation team to test the entire layout, look and feel for web and mobile apps to precision by testing against your baseline image and using the CSS and HTML for complete UX coverage.


Tests are executed across your choice of browser, device and screen resolutions in parallel which means you can release fully tested, visually perfect apps quicker.

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Our Story

We’ve achieved a lot in a short time…
Who are SpotQA

Introducing Maestro

We use Maestro to automatically explore your baseline images, PSD or prototype web pages.


Maestro explores and then stores every single element, crawls the CSS and HTML to ensure visual precision. For localised sites, we reference country specific rules to ensure complete testing accuracy.