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SpotQA began with a vision of creating genuinely innovative QA products and solutions which help companies simplify, accelerate and scale automated testing. Maestro was the first solution we brought to market and it continues to evolve.

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Automate Early. Automate Smarter. Automate As-You-Go

Automation is meant to remove the bottleneck.

Test Automation has become integral to every organisation striving to scale their releases – to do more in less time. To achieve effective automation, usually you would need to assemble a number of different tools to suit different technologies, different parts of your application and different tasks and testing steps to be executed. Tools sometimes don’t play well together and each tool often needs its own supporting framework to work around its limitations. This can require additional development effort which can be tough to manage with a lean team that are already fighting to deliver the scope of each release.

Maestro was designed to provide what our customers were saying they needed

Maestro is our service enabler built to deliver automation at scale. Maestro harnesses a combination of tools and frameworks to automate UI, Functional, Mobile and API Testing into a single DevOps ready test platform.

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Maestro; our digital test automation platform.

Maestro is our service enabler that helps our expert team to deliver automation at scale. It’s not your typical plug and play QA solution. We can automate end-to-end user journeys using single scripts and execute tests in parallel across your chosen browsers and devices.

Maestro at a glance

Maestro enables end-to-end automated digital testing with a single script

UI, Functional, API, Mobile test capabilities in a single platform

Tests are executed in parallel across selected OS, browsers, physical devices and emulators

Execution can be scheduled to run unattended for regression suites or risk based scripts

Smart Test Accelerators for mobile, web and API testing

Promotes Automate-As-You-Go for in sprint testing

Integrates with leading toolsets for defect management, continuous integration and deployment

Small and lean tests to lower maintenance; Loose coupling of tests, objects and data to improve efficiency

Single consolidated reports for end-to-end parallel automation

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