July 2016:
The Launch

We started SpotQA with an ambitious goal; to create a ground breaking QA product and create some software history!


Our mission is to simplify, accelerate and scale automated QA and help companies move away from operating with manual testing processes and complex, inefficient automated testing.

September 2016:
DevOps Ready

We created Maestro, a capability driven digital test automation platform to harness the tools, frameworks and accelerators to provide our team with a DevOps ready test platform.


Maestro continues to evolve. We have since added containerisation for environments on demand, it is cloud hosted and enables tests to be executed in parallel across any combination of browser and device.

March 2017: Innovation Takes Shape

Following extensive R&D, In March we completed our first prototype for Virtuoso. We wanted to automate the test automation process and help companies move away from using inefficient code-based and record-and-play test tools. Our goal is to create the first intelligent system-driven test automation platform.


We set about building a talented team of product engineers, experts in AI and Test Automators to design and develop Virtuoso.

December 2017:
Project SpotVision

We identified a gap in how global brands tested the UI and UX of their digital applications across localised websites.
We further enhanced Maestro’s capability to bridge this gap.


Our team uses the software to explore and store every UI element and crawl the CSS and HTML to ensure any UI changes are precision tested against your baseline or gold build. Ideal for companies with multiple or regional web and mobile sites who want to release visually perfect apps.

February 2018:
Working with the NHS

The UK’s 130+ NHS trusts are working towards the vision of becoming paperless by 2020. As part of this major transformation Electronic Patient Records systems are being rolled out across UK trusts to digitise paper based processes.


We have created automated test assets for EPR testing within Maestro to help NHS trusts test and release changes more quickly to benefit hospital staff, clinicians and ultimately patients.

Digital Healthcare

July 2018: Virtuoso
Early Adopter Program Launches

In June we plan to release Virtuoso as an MVP. July will see the start of our Early Adopter Program where we will be proving and refining our product with a select group of industry leading companies prior to our general availability product launch.


Coming soon
Early Adopter programme set to start July 2018

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