Automate Sooner.

Automate Smarter.


Test Automation has become integral to every organisation striving to scale their releases – to do more in less time. It is meant to widen the bottleneck.

The risk in implementing effective automation lies in selecting either the wrong strategy, methods or tools.


You can end up with brittle scripts, script maintenance overheads, fragmented reporting and disappointing overall test coverage.

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Test Automation

Inefficiencies impact competitiveness.

Our Smart Test Automation solutions have been developed to help you to successfully adopt automation and deliver real ROI.

We work with you to create your test automation strategy and optimise the test assets you have in place. Whether you’re completely manual, or practising BDD, TDD or any other rapid development approach, we can help you improve and scale your test automation using our proprietary DevOps ready platform Maestro.

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Test Automation

[email protected], Stability as Standard.

Helping customers transform QA from release bottleneck to digital enabler

We provide strategy, advisory and delivery of improvements to the quality and output for your software testing.


Software development doesn’t stand still and nor should your approach to testing. We help you assess the best combination of strategy, approach and tools to ensure your testing keeps up with the pace of change.


Assuring large, complex programmes of work, making the transition to automated testing, or advancing into a continuous delivery mode of working are all difficult challenges and hard to achieve. We help you improve both your QA capability and approach to successfully overcome these challenges.

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QA Consultation

Engage our pragmatic, results focused team to lead the way

We get to grips with where your business is heading, the as-is and the goals for software quality and together, we define what success looks like.


We build the plan to get you there. We recommend how to successfully integrate improved QA process and how to work smarter with both existing and new QA technology fully supported by our team of QA experts.


Our team was hired because of what they have delivered, what they know and how they think. We have helped some of the world’s leading companies make a step change in how they QA and test software, helping them to release high quality software faster and at reduced cost.

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End-to-End Testing

Forget your QA & Testing worries.

We combine human expertise with advanced QA technology

We offer end-to-end digital testing services incorporating all phases of QA and types of testing to deliver a best in class solution. We tailor the mix of services, test tools and deliverables to the needs of your project, application or release.

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We are independent test experts.

We bring our own tools, technologies and frameworks to provide you with a flexible, scalable and fully bespoke end-to-end testing service.
  • Requirements & User Story Testing
  • In-Sprint Feature / System Testing
  • Integration Testing
  • Regression Testing
  • Operational Acceptance Testing
  • User Acceptance Test Coordination
  • User Interface Testing
  • Functional Testing
  • Cross Platform Compatibility Testing
  • Localisation Testing
  • API Testing
  • Performance Testing
  • Security Testing
  • Database Testing
  • Data Migration Testing
  • Business Process Testing

Maestro at a glance

Maestro enables end-to-end automated digital testing with a single script

UI, Functional, API, Mobile test capabilities in a single platform

Tests are executed in parallel across selected OS, browsers, physical devices and emulators

Execution can be scheduled to run unattended for regression suites or risk based scripts

Smart Test Accelerators for mobile, web and API testing

Promotes Automate-As-You-Go for in sprint testing

Integrates with leading toolsets for defect management, continuous integration and deployment

Small and lean tests to lower maintenance; Loose coupling of tests, objects and data to improve efficiency

Single consolidated reports for end-to-end parallel automation.

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SpotQA Discovery Workshop – We review your current approach to testing, map this to your objectives and assess where test automation would enable you to deliver measurable ROI in addition you’ll receive a Quality Improvement Plan.

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