Shaping the future of digital QA

We recognised that today’s automation tools majorly focused on automating the test execution tasks only.  With traditional methods using record and play, model based or code based test tools, the test design, creation and maintenance effort remains manual. Traditional tools provide limited efficiency gains and testing remains a bottleneck.


Virtuoso creates a paradigm shift by automating more of the testing process – test design, creation and maintenance in addition to execution.

Automate Test Automation with Virtual Testing Bots

Virtuoso autonomously explores web applications with the aid of Machine Learning and Natural Language Processing and automatically generates tests and insights.

A system-driven test automation platform

Assisted with a powerful natural Language and a recorder extension for test authoring.

Quality Assurance, Development and Operation teams collaborate using the same language reducing the investment in expensive skills and time to manually create and maintain automated tests.

Virtuoso will help organisations:

  • Automate the test design, creation and execution
  • Move teams away from expensive manual testing and record and play and code based test tools
  • Use Virtuoso’s intelligent bots to explore every aspect of the application as a normal user would, and test beyond the testers knowledge of the app
  • Test applications intelligently and continuously to improve software release speed and quality
  • Enable QA, development and business teams to autonomously test their web applications

Virtuoso Platform Highlights

Automated Test Generation
Virtuoso takes the driver seat for your testing efforts, and automatically generates your test suites

Automated Test Maintenance
Tests are Self-healing continuously improve, such that as new features are added to your application, new tests are automatically generated

Snapshot Testing
Your application state and artefacts are stored as snapshots, such that at any point in the future, you can compare your application snapshots and identify what has changed

Application Graph
Visually identify paths, critical areas and changes in your application

Distributed Test Execution Environment
Execute all your tests on demand in parallel using the elastic scalability power of the cloud, without needing to install or setup any environment infrastructure

Extensible Platform
Pluggable functionality that can be integrated with other services and applications and customisable features allowing to adapt and extend to your needs